CALIENT, Spirent jointly launched the software-defined optical device testing scheme

MEMS optical switching vendors CALIENT has announced and Spirent test instrument manufacturers together to create a joint for automated optical network hardware test environment optical switching solutions. Calient optical line S-series switches with Spirent's Velocity speed test platform coordination software, Velocity platform Calient S320 and S160 optical circuit switch-based control, provides the physical layer topology reconfiguration optical network test environment.

Calient and Spirent's joint testing program for more than 40Gbps optical transmission equipment test environment, the software can automatically adjust the test line, thereby reducing the risk of wiring error ride, speed testing, to achieve centralized test management.

Spirent's Velocity is a laboratory that is serving Lab-as-a-Service LAAS test coordination platform, can achieve a variety of physical and virtual testing equipment management and monitoring.

Calient company said the network equipment vendors are quick to support 100Gbps and SDN technology upgrade, which means a lot of new opportunities related to testing. Spirent's industry-leading Velocity platform with a unique Calient MEMS-based all-optical switching products are the next generation network equipment powerful test solution.

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