Hong Kong FTTH penetration has reached 82%

On 8 September 2015, held the world's ultra-wideband Forum, Peter Lam PCCW-HKT, general manager of engineering department director level to share broadband development in Hong Kong.

Peter Lam expressed, PCCW has 100% of pay-TV, Huawei also our partners in the mobile space, and last year our entire network can achieve 300M bandwidth, and now we can achieve 3 carriers mobile network bandwidth. For residential customers in Hong Kong, he introduced a lot of high-rise buildings has become a landmark in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, more than 80 percent of the buildings are high-level, in this real estate layout, PCCW already has 82% of FTTH penetration, we can realization within four days of the fiber to the home, while FTTB penetration reached 77%.

PCCW past many networks are copper network, starting in 2010, PCCW begin large-scale FTTH deployment, Peter Lam further stated, HKT is Hong Kong's largest ISP, we are very proud that we are the first optical fiber instead of copper network in Hong Kong operators, is also the largest IPTV provider, which gives us a double benefit, fiber to the home for future consumption of high-bandwidth pave the way, to promote the development of mobile services, LTE network, 100% fiber ensures the 100M back pass rate. Other operators are required to rent mobile backhaul networks.

PCCW customers currently installed basically 500M to 1G networks while PCCW has begun deploying 10G networks to the home, which for PCCW to enter the field of intellectual life has brought convenience.

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