Huawei released 2Tbps router line card

Huawei has released 2Tbps line card for its NE5000E core routers. The product is the backbone of the application provides higher port density. The line card supports 100G, 40G, 10G Ethernet at different rates, helping a total switching capacity of NE5000E router reaches 32Tbps per rack, power consumption as low as 0.8W/G. In addition, the product can be based on the elastic programmable chips allow NE5000E better distribution system compatible with the new SDN architecture.

Gai Gang Ethernet product line president of Huawei routers and telecommunications said Huawei 2Tbps router line cards to meet the needs of users to ultra-broadband service deployment, accelerate the industrialization of high-end routers. Huawei is very pleased to help operators build a sustainable and efficient network to help them adapt to the rising demand for cloud services, while continuing to reduce costs.

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