Lightcounting cut annual optical module market growth

Market research firm Lightcounting latest quarterly report in September this year a combination of the first half of global operators, Internet companies and communications equipment, devices and corporate earnings since the third quarter shipments data and dynamic communications companies. Their analysis shows some interesting results.

LC pointed out that the second quarter of this year compared to the year before, the investment in Internet companies in the field of large data centers increased by 7%, while telecom operators to invest in the telecommunications sector decreased by 12%. Reduce telecom operators to invest mainly receive complete the world's major telecom operators some major investment projects, such as China Mobile LTE deployment, while the growth rate of the Internet companies to invest in the situation significantly better than in previous years.

Year comparison, sales of data communications equipment manufacturers in the field of growth of 2%, telecommunications equipment grew by 4%. White box manufacturers continue to win market in the area of ​​data center equipment. In the field of telecommunications equipment, Huawei and ZTE continue to gain market share. Pressure on prices may be a factor, but operators have become cautious in the evolution of SDN / NFV may also be the cause.

Device manufacturers in the data communications segment grew 10%, an increase of 7% in the field of telecommunications. Increased deployment of 100Gbps device should be the reason behind this beautiful figure, the price is usually higher 100Gbps devices. Divided by product type, the following figure shows the different types of optical components market performance in the second quarter. Optical connector market growth, although high, but due to low prices, overall sales remain low, slightly higher than $ 50 million. Broadband construction to benefit from China's, FTTx market continued to maintain a rapid growth. China's future investment in LTE-building wireless networks will also stimulate the growth of optical device market. Overall, Ethernet and WDM optical devices is still the bulk of optical components market.

2015 2Q14 sales growth

In the August report, Lightcounting had predicted annual optical module market growth of more than 25%. But then some of the light module manufacturers lower growth, the Chinese market situation may change, Lightcounting decided to optical module market growth from 25% down to 15%. Even so, the annual light module market will reach $ 4 billion. The rapid development of emerging companies may supplement the decline of traditional manufacturers performance.

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