European operator Colt launched SDN-based DCI business

European telecom operators Colt has launched on-demand SDN / NFV technology provides data center interconnection services DCNet as-a service. This enables the user to obtain business data center 10Gbps interconnection across Europe. Colt will be carried out next month test run wholesale customers and finance, media areas of business users. DCNet self-service will be the first port in the heart of London, Paris, Frankfurt and other places, 57 third-party data centers. Colt is expected in early 2016, this service will be extended to the whole of Europe and Asia-Pacific 150 data centers.

Colt representation, SDN / NFV feature will provide integration with cloud services, shorten the service provision progress, providing high SLA more flexible business model, the user can port-based self-service under a single and independent business changes. SDN will transform the telecommunications industry has brought fundamental business model, change the way operators and user interaction. Colt's Novitas plan is not just a technology upgrade, it is the transformation of a business model.

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