ZTE help Indian operator Reliance to build 100G metro optical networks

Recently, ZTE announced with India Reliance Communications (hereinafter referred to as "Reliance") signed a 100G OTN optical transport network orders. Over the next three years, ZTE will provide two cities in Pune and Hyderabad 100G optical transmission network design, site survey, installation, commissioning, maintenance and other services. ZXONE Series devices meet the Reliance offer comprehensive multi-service access and high integration requirements. Low TCO is a major factor in the ZTE she won this order.

Reliance in the Indian market share of 14.35%, is India's top four operators. But with mobile Internet access LTE era, the current network of SDH networks are increasingly unable to carry data traffic surge in demand. ZTE 100G OTN solutions to help Reliance rapidly into the era of 100G metro transport in Pune and Hyderabad two cities, greatly ease the pressure LTE network bearer.

It is reported that ZTE has the industry-leading OTN development platform, its high performance 100G OTN products, easy maintenance, low cost and other characteristics of the most Reliance recognized. ZTE 100G OTN has a high level of integration, from E1 / T1 to 100GE any access rate, client port supports smooth upgrade path 4-22, coarse dense wave unity; at the same time, the efficient performance of the product, to achieve port adaptive, DSS cross , L2 switching aggregation, CPRI transmission and other functions; in addition, OTN package supports the full overhead light layer / dielectric layer control, unified network management easy fault location and service configuration, effectively increasing the efficiency of operation and maintenance.

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