ZTE, MTN South Africa jointly released GPON service broadband network speed boost

ZTE joint communications provider MTN South Africa officially opened in South Africa in George gigabit fiber-optic broadband (GPON) network services, brought Fast-bandwidth fiber optic network experience on the one hundred local residents. After the introduction of this technology in Africa, it is expected to raise the overall progress of the African fixed-line broadband, significantly increasing the average user's wired network access experience.

According to ZTE COMESA sale at CTO Lu Xun introduction, GPON network technology currently in Africa in South Africa, Nigeria, Algeria and other state-owned large-scale deployments. It has high bandwidth, high efficiency, large coverage, rich user interfaces, etc., it is regarded as most operators realize business broadband access network, integrated transformation of the ideal technology.

Ishant Sukdeo MTN marketing manager, said China's information communication technology has matured in recent years, the progress of cooperation with the Chinese company well. He further pointed out that with the promotion of ZTE GPON technology applications experience, reliable equipment, advanced technology, can meet the needs of MTN.

Currently, the South African government is focusing on improving its broadband policy and facilities, with a view to 2020 broadband Internet penetration increased to 100%. According to reports, MTN will be mainly carried out against the country's fiber optic network business end users, ZTE will continue to assist the MTN GPON network construction, is expected to reach 50,000 users in one year, so that tens of thousands of family experience in South Africa and Europe as user The bandwidth rate.

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