Lightreading invite you to explore the white-box strategy

Telecommunications equipment industry and network equipment industry is experiencing a "white box" of the revolution: the original design and manufacture hardware devices being generic white box server switch plus device-specific SDN posed by open source software gradually replaced. White-box device with greater flexibility, enabling faster service provisioning, and thus can lead to greater business opportunities for customers. Currently, users are white-box equipment from the traditional enterprise network, data center users gradually to the wide area network, operator core network expansion.

White box equipment already in the data center is the major Internet companies, including China, including the widespread use of BAT. Facebook advocated OCP platform, Baidu and other plans to build a Scorpio, are aimed at white-box applications. These Internet companies generally use OEM manufacturers to help them carry out the production of white box equipment. Future, this model can be extended to the field of telecommunications equipment, I believe that is the issue we are concerned about. By then, the entire telecom equipment industry may be changing.

In exchange, for example, the traditional switch mainly by a dedicated chip or ASIC chip built hardware platform plus composition embedded operating system and management software. With the development of SDN / NFV technology, the importance of software in the switch products is growing. Some switch manufacturers such as Arista, has already started to collect software and hardware costs to the user, respectively.

Switch on the white box chain, Broadcom, Cavium, as well as Suzhou Centec have achieved a leading position. Broadcom, Intel, Marvell, Mellanox, and Suzhou Centec are based SDN / NFV switch chip providers. HeavyReading April this year, a report once called chip Centec has a lower cost. Third-party software providers such as 6Wind, Big Switch Networks as well as IP Infusion Inc., Pica8. Arista, Compass also OS on a system to make innovations.

Lightreading website will be available this November 17, organized by the service provider network whitepack day strategy seminar in California, Santa Clara, invite white-box manufacturers and users around the world to discuss the opportunities and challenges of white box equipment brought to the network industry . Entire white-box industry chain, including device manufacturers, switch manufacturers, software providers, system integrators, operators are invited to the column by.

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