Calix access network operating system introduced SDN AXOS

Broadband access equipment vendors Calix today announced Linux-based operating system access to scalable AXOS, to help operators introduced in the access network level SDN.

Calix representation, AXOS can achieve all access networks require software functionality without having to rely on the underlying hardware and related chipsets premise, allowing the network infrastructure and ongoing service provision always-on, accelerate operators' revenue recovery, reduce service failure rate and operational complexity.

AXOS contains a modular reusable software unit that can run on different hardware, support for self-promotion, automatic failover, and avoid some common human or software problems. Calix think open software-based programmable management and control API reduces the complexity of network operations, automate business flow, while providing compatibility with other SDN system. All components used AXOS NETCONF protocol and YANG data model.

Calix senior systems VP Michel Langlois said that more than a decade, Calix has been in pursuit of a unified access architecture, customers can achieve seamless connection to the business. Use AXOS, Calix has a single software platform, so operators can more easily and intelligently distribute traffic across the access architecture. AXOS users can have a wider choice of devices and chips.

Calix said it platform, and E5-520, E5-308, E5-306 MEF CE 2.0 recognition systems and other products are beginning to support AXOS.

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