Ciena for the US Department of Energy has successfully deployed 400Gbps Super Channel

US Department of Energy Sciences Network ESnet and the United States National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center has said NERSC Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California between Oakland and Berkeley, the successful deployment of 400Gbps Super Channel. This fiber-optic lines will help support NERSC migrate from Oakland to Berkeley. Ciena and telecom operators Level 3 is the Super Channel Partner DOE deployment. ESnet is currently deployed 100Gbps main line, the new 400Gbps line to help them test the possibility of higher-speed transmission.

Ciena's 6500 Packet-Optical Platform through two subcarriers 200Gbps wavelengths to achieve a 400Gbps of legend. Levle 3 was ESnet provides dark fiber resources. ESnet and NERSC are expected to carry out a series of experiments based on this experimental line in the next two months.

ESnet said they had two goals this deployment. 400Gbps first want to verify the connection of two large data centers practical work. Second, I hope on this basis can the optical signal transmission, data movement and management techniques to do some research.

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