H3C Connect+: let the data center, "Moving"

In the wave of the Internet+ boom, driven by the gradual expansion of construction scale data centers, data center hosting services network is facing pressure surge, operation and maintenance more difficult, how to solve this problem has become the industry focus. Recently, large interconnected Hangzhou H3C Technologies Co., Ltd. (referred to as "H3C") at the Connect+ strategic conference to launch the application-driven data center solutions, to provide users with better data center business resilience deployment, unified management It provides the most practical solution.

Traditional data center construction as a project, each application needs to set by the network, compute, storage, consisting of the underlying architecture, traditional data center is "solid", lack of flexibility and scalability. With the development of business, increase application and data center management software carries more, increasingly redundant system, if the business needs to be adjusted, it is necessary to change the data center architecture, and traditional manual modification high error rate, as well as the deployment of business out slow. In addition, once the network equipment problems, it will affect the business operation of the entire data center to the enterprise serious economic losses.

New IT technology-driven data center transformation, has been one of the key H3C concern. Faced with the user's data center build for the future development, Connect+ H3C's has a very clear point, that is, on the basis of the new release of application-driven network architecture, based on scenarios for data center applications, the development of application-driven data center solutions to achieve business elastically stretchable, minimalist operation and maintenance, to build end service chain, to better integrate the large Internet Connect+ strategic landing.

From the characteristics of view, H3C application-driven data center solutions through hardware resources, NFV pool technology, as well as a cluster controller upward VCFC build resilient network, flexible scheduling resources to service deployment easier; at the same time With the overall platform, form the entire network hierarchy management, resource automatically migrate, there is a problem in the system or re-deployment process, the formation of the business system does not perceive the state, complete and correct operation.

For users, H3C application-driven data center solutions bring value that allows the user via a standard infrastructure, software-defined data center gives the ability to implement the entire network service elastically scalable, automated intelligence and secure. Data Center Planning for confusion often encountered during operation and maintenance, the user can make use of H3C solutions, business address and Internet address are independent, simplifying planning and realization of a one-time physical network configuration, make operation and maintenance easier management more efficient.

In practice, these values ​​have also been tested, such as Tencent data center by deploying H3C application-driven data center solutions, successfully used to take 3-5 days to multiple data center services on-line, the deployment is completed within 1 day , efficiency is improved by 70%. In addition, Tencent also through network virtualization to achieve IT rational allocation of resources, making the effective and rational use of resources, greatly reducing the cost of investment.

Currently, software drivers, application of the concept of the first, has become the industry generally accepted direction. For data center construction, the floor of the road to achieve these concepts is still very long. To be sure, flexible, dynamic data center is the future trend, I believe that with the help of three communications in China, there will be more users join the network change to application-driven parade, with new IT technology to meet the challenges of large Internet era.

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