Huawei together with China Telecom launched the world's largest SDN commercial backbone network construction

According to China Telecom official information display, Huawei won the bid in 2015, China Telecom IDC bearer Private Network Central Purchasing items, including IDC hosting special aggregation routers, access routers (including SDN controller), as well as route reflector device.

The project will cover the construction of six major national telecom base core data centers, as well as 15 core data center of the city, and over the entire network based on the 400G router platform, SDN introducing innovative new technologies and other related network, which will become the world's largest SDN commercial backbone network, to achieve China Telecom cloud base and IDC interconnection between the provinces, to fully protect the rapid deployment and operations of China Telecom IDC / cloud hosting service quality requirements.

By the end of 2014, China Telecom Internet transformation strategy proposed, will be many aspects of the Internet-based operators and service-based business foundation NE, public Internet applications, government and enterprise information technology applications, cloud and big data and enterprise IT operations and other Internet upgrading of focus, a new type of China Telecom to create a comprehensive, full implementation of "de-telecommunications" strategy. With the implementation of China Telecom Internet transformation of network infrastructure also needs to adapt to the Internet reconstructed to meet service bearer "active, fast, flexible, and open" and other needs, but based on the IDC SDN backbone bearer network construction has become China Telecom Future one to build a new data center-centric network architecture key starting point for China Telecom network transformation in terms of significance.

The project lasted for several months, a number of major manufacturers at home and abroad are actively involved, and ultimately Huawei 400G platform with a mature and stable core routers and extensive commercial experience accumulated SDN field, China Telecom preferred cooperation manufacturers, together with China Telecom jointly build SDN world's largest commercial operator backbone network projects. All along, Huawei is committed to telecom operators to build trade advantages, and actively participate in the global SDN program, continued optimization SDN architecture and solutions, and working in partnership with telecom operators, in a data center as the core network architecture change, to become the world Operators ideal ICT transformation partner.

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