MACOM released QSFP28 module chipset for data center applications

Simulation of RF, microwave and photonic semiconductor products supplier MACOM released its complete chipset for data center CWDM and PSM4 applications. The chipset contains a complete optronic integrated circuit (IC), you can achieve the lowest power consumption in QSFP28 package.

In order to meet market demand for high-speed data communications, the new large data centers continues to expand. Number 100G transceivers will grow exponentially, and the need for lower power consumption, smaller, lower-cost components. MACOM has been integrated into the high-speed semiconductor devices 100G transceiver and offers laser, optimized set of drives, CDR and TIA in one complete solution, with unique performance, power consumption, size and cost advantages.

The M37046 and M37049 MACOM is the lowest power, smallest four-channel transceiver CDR, with market-leading performance. MAOM-002301 and MAOM-002304 is the market's lowest-power single-channel and four-channel DML drivers, due to ease of assembly into the TOSA, they have been widely used in the market. In addition, MACOM of 127/129/131/133D-25C-LCG11 series covers CWDM DFB lasers and PSM4 wavelength, with a very wide operating temperature range. M03002 and M03102 are single-channel and four-channel TIA, 28G applications for the industry's lowest noise and power consumption. The complete solution is fully supported by a team of experts MACOM application to help transceiver designers shorten product time. In addition, the economies of scale but also bring significant cost advantages for transceiver manufacturers who use MACOM chipset.

High-speed Internet strategy VivekRajgarhia vice president, said: "This reflects the MACOM chipset for end users and the industry bring value by providing a comprehensive solution, we can reduce costs, improve energy efficiency and help customers deal with various high-speed network. challenge. "

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