Eagleyard Release 780nm 3W tapered amplifier

Fu Tai Technology (Hong Kong) Limited together the world's leading high-power semiconductor laser tube manufacturers Eagleyard Photonics, officially launched 780nm 3W tapered amplifiers for such product series has added a new member.

Tapered amplifier is composed of a tapered single-mode ridge waveguide cross-sectional structure of design, combined with high beam quality and high output power characteristics, inherited the source characteristics of all seeds, is the best master oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) system choice.

Recently, Eagleyard introduced a more powerful tapered amplifier, the output power up to 3W, tunable range of 770 ~ 790nm.

"This new product can meet complex applications, such as rubidium atomic spectroscopy, Bose - Einstein condensates bring obvious benefits of power can greatly enhance the flexibility of multi-channel program of life and the whole system." Eagleyard The Chief Technology Officer Dr. Thomas Laurent said.

Eagleyard rich product portfolio not only covers the 780nm 1W and 2W tapered amplifier, can also provide a wavelength of 650nm, 670nm, 690nm, 765nm, 795nm, 808nm, 830nm, 850nm, 870nm, 915nm, 925nm, 980nm different output power tapered amplifier.

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