Israel PLC integration technology vendors ColorChip re-investment

Israel's high-speed optical modules and optical splitter supplier ColorChip today announced the acquisition of $ 25 million financing to improve operations, accelerate product line expansion.

Israel Development Partnership Program (Israel Growth Partners) led this round of financing, other participants include Vintage Investment Partners, and existing investors Gemini Israel Funds, BRM Group. IGP General Partner ColorChip Haim Shani will join the board. Up to now, ColorChip has completed $ 60 million financing.

ColorChip major development called SystemOnGlass based hybrid integration technology, the use of glass wafer manufacture optical devices, which will bring the field of semiconductor manufacturing technology field of optical communications. ColorChip have their own fab in Israel, and in this to make your own all kinds of devices.

ColorChip company CEO Yigal Ezra indicates, "ColorChip is experiencing rapid growth in the next two years to enhance production capacity more than 15 times. We have already opened up the leading customers in China and the United States. This round of financing will further accelerate the company's expansion to meet the market for ColorChip product rapidly growing demand. "

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