Ekinops demonstrate interoperability of their equipment SDN

France Ekinops optical transport equipment vendor interoperability showcase recent performance of its DWDM optical transmission equipment and open source SDN controller. Ekinops announced that its 360DWDM system is proven interoperability with the open source operating system under ONOS SDN network project. The experimental research institutions in France b<>com conduct, which is in the network management field of new technologies, especially the SDN has a wealth of experience.

In tests, Ekinops and b<>com design and development of an interface layer SDN controllers and network management agreement between the Ekinops 360 platform together. Throughout the experiment includes a net-like structure composed of a plurality of 360 ROADM nodes. For this experiment, ONOS controller to create a 100Gbps wavelength line and automatically allocated in the mesh.

Ekinops company CTO Francois X. Ollivier said the experiment was very successful, demonstrating the ability to provide support SDN Ekinops DWDM layer of a solution for carriers.

b<>com also said to 5G network evolution needs more flexible and automation products and services. SDN / NFV based on the concept that this jointly developed interface with Ekinops fully meet the physical transmission layer level management software based on their higher rates of 100G or network management requirements, support NFV applied to a fiber network.

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