Scotland Glasgow CityFibre Construction of the new gigabit fiber optic broadband network

UK network infrastructure provider - CityFibre, has announced the construction of ultra-high-speed fiber access network in Glasgow, Glasgow in Scotland to build a third Gigabit fiber broadband city. CityFibre said it would cooperate with local partners HighNet network construction starting in early 2016. After the completion of Glasgow broadband speeds up to 100 times the average speed of the UK, in order to better meet the needs of Glasgow for future high-bandwidth services.

CityFibre said network construction will start with the Glasgow city center. The next year there are more than 7,000 businesses near the city center can get gigabit broadband services. After the final completion of the network has more than 15,000 businesses benefit. CityFibre had already deployed a fiber optic network in the United Kingdom Aberdeen, Coventry, Edinburgh, Peterborough and York based on his "Well Planned City" model.

CityFibre company CEO Greg Mesch said he was pleased to start a new Gigabit urban construction in Scotland. HighNet customer base is the key to the success of this network. After the network is completed, CityFibre will become the second largest broadband operator BT Openreach away.

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