Xtera 100G equipment to win West African submarine cable deployment

Xtera Optical transmission equipment manufacturers, today announced its Nu-wave Optima obtain optical transmission system connecting West Africa to Europe MainOne submarine cable deployment.

MainOne to start operations in July 2010, connecting the West African country, Nigeria, Ghana to Portugal in Europe, the main access points include Portugal Seixal, Accra, Ghana, Accra, Lagos, Nigeria and Morocco, the Canary Islands, Senegal and Ivory coast with branches, after upgrading the total transmission capacity of over 10Tbps.

MainOne submarine cable operating company CEO Funke Opeke said that West African countries are experiencing the information explosion, this year has experienced rapid growth in network traffic, which brings the urgent need for network upgrades. As a major supplier of Eight West African coastal data traffic, MainOne about to connect the South-South region of Cameroon and Nigeria, MainOne need for further deployment of advanced technology to meet customers' demand for reliable high-speed communications services.

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