Ekinops help Russia ER-Telecom to deploy 100G wavelengths

France Ekinops optical transport equipment manufacturers in Russia on Friday announced three Internet and pay-TV provider ER-Telecom will deploy the 100G DWWM Ekinops equipment for expansion in the country.
ER-Telecom's services throughout 56 cities in eastern and southern Russia, is now facing growing traffic demand from customers. Due to set up their own costly DWDM network, ER-Telecom began to hire third-party network of wavelength and using Eknipos equipment for transmission. Such an approach can help ER-Telecom quickly and economically increase the capacity.

ER-Telecom said they Tumen from Moscow in the east to the west, carried out extensive testing of 100G architecture, Ekinops equipment is the best choice. They are expected to complete the deployment of the equipment within two weeks.

Ekinops company CTO Francois Xavier Ollivier said that many service providers are reluctant to use outside of the wavelength plan, fearing operability and interoperability. Over the past eight years, Ekinops has accumulated a lot of experience outside the wavelength deployment that can support every DWDM vendor. Ekinops to ER-Telecom successfully demonstrated the technology and the ability to solve this problem.

Ekinops 360 system provides support through a wavelength outside miniaturized equipment, support 10*10 a muxponder and 100G Transponder within 1RU size.

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