SDN data center market in 2015 will increase by more than 70%

Data center SDN Advanced Research reports from Dell'Oro Group shows that in 2015 data centers SDN market is expected to grow more than 70%. 2015 marks an important milestone SDN, many Ethernet switch architecture approved and production deployment is underway.

"With the expansion of large-scale cloud providers to deploy SDN outside influence SDN Ethernet switch market in 2015 significantly improved," vice president of Dell'Oro Group AlanWeckel representation.

"Clearly, 2020 compared to today's data centers will look a big difference. With the stagnation of corporate customers and the expansion of spending from the AWS, Azure and other cloud service provider spending, we have seen overall network SDN and IT market impact. Looking generation 25GE and 50GE server access, AmazonAWS, Google and Microsoft Azure will drive the market development, and we believe that Dell plans to buy EMC is a prelude to further consolidation in the market, while equipment makers will also experience shuffle. "

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