Coriant release pluggable optical layer solutions

Coriant innovative network solutions provider recently released for flexible high-speed metropolitan area network applications, to meet the needs of a variety of fixed and mobile applications pluggable optical layer having innovative and cost of the solution.

Coriant pluggable optical layer to a full range of optical layer device into a series of small form-factor pluggable devices, including amplifiers, VOA, power monitor, together light beam splitter, WSS, and so on. By providing mixing and matching various functional devices, pluggable optical layer so that operators can customize the metro optical network without the need to pay for unwanted features. When the end user when there is new demand, new features can be quickly and economically by simply adding new devices to implement, which can protect past investments.

Small size, low power consumption, with support for high-density 10G and 100G optical transmission, Coriant pluggable optical layer solutions for carrier metro network bandwidth upgrade, expand capacity to the metro edge light provides a highly cost-effective solution. This solution supports a range of metro topologies and structures, such as point to point, ring, ROADM, to provide seamless undisturbed for operators to upgrade to the full ROADM capability. Compared to traditional solutions, can save costs by more than 30%, allows operators to gradually increase demand deployment. Pluggable optical layer solution will be the first application in 7100 Coriant packet optical transport platform.

coriant pluggable optical layer solution

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